Are your stickers waterproof?

Standard sticker sheets are printed on matte sticker paper, and therefore are not waterproof. These stickers were designed specifically for use on planners/bullet journals (or any surface area that will remain dry).

Vinyl stickers are 100% water and weatherproof and completely dishwasher safe. These stickers are ideal to decorate your phone case, laptop, waterbottle..etc. These come in both die-cut and sticker sheet form. 

I would like to read reviews before I buy. 

Totally understandable! Feel free to visit my Etsy shop (www.deskofsandra.etsy.com) to read reviews from past customers :)

Do you prefer I shop on your website or on Etsy?

My website, but it is totally your prerogative. You get the same quality of product, order processing time, and customer service on both. However, promotions and exclusive bundles and deals will be offered solely on my website. The primary difference between the two is that due to lower transaction fees, I am able to offer my customers better prices on here than on Etsy. This also means that I can continue to grow and expand my shop. Wherever you choose to support me, I appreciate you :)